Our productive cycle is carried out entirely in Italy and it starts with the initial division of the tuna into the various cuts that will be canned.The tuna is gutted, then carefully washed to clean the meat and finally steamed, a method which ensures that the flavourful characteristics of the meat are maintained intact. A constant temperature is maintained during the ensuing preparation phase so that the meat becomes firm in texture and can be accurately cleaned. The most important phase, of which we are very proud, is ‘la monda’ which means the cleaning from bones, skin, scales and red meat. This phase is entirely carried out by hand, by expert local artisans using traditional methods. Following this, the fish is soaked in first choice olive oil, canned, sterilised and vacuum-packed. Finally, after a suitable aging period, which is necessary to obtain maximum flavour, the product is packed and transferred to the warehouse from where, every day, it is sent out all over Italy.