• Canned tuna has a very long shelf life. It expires in 5 years when preserved in olive oil and in 3 years when preserved in brine. Staying in the tin enhances both the perfume and the flavour of the tuna.
  • Olive oil is used rather than extra virgin olive oil as a preserving agent because it does not mask the delicate flavour of the tuna with the perfume and taste of extra virgin oil.
  • Canned tuna does not contain preservatives and food colourings. The sterilization which is part of the production process guarantees a long shelf life without the addition of other substances.
  • Canned tuna does not contain sugar, a quality that makes it a suitable choice for those on a low calorie diet.
  • Our canned tuna is preserved in olive oil of the finest quality with the addition of sea salt from Trapani - this salt is well known for being particularly rich in oligo-elements.