Certifications and assessments

National and international certification requirements are met by the company on an entirely voluntary basis thus ensuring product quality.

• IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Certification) set adequate health and safety quality standards for companies along the entire production chain and include HACCP procedures. Implementing these standards means that the product fully meets the requirements of a quality management system ensuring food safety and quality throughout the food chain.

• ISO 22005 Certification guarantees traceability and re-traceability of the product at every stage of the feed and food chain, tracking the tuna from the moment it is fished to the moment the final product is displayed on the shelves.

• Supply Chain Assessment: procedure whereby supply chain is evaluated thus ensuring stringent control of the whole process and guaranteeing the consumers and their health.
The company involved an external neutral authority, DNV GL, to check quality and food safety, traceability and sustainability along the process. This procedure verified all phases, from the sea to the factory and from the sold can backward to the sea, also evaluating sustainability parameters. Checking Castiglione suppliers directly, DNV GL verified the fished species, the tuna dimensions (they must weight more than 15 kilograms, so as to be sure they are mature specimens) and the fishing methods, so to check that no FAD was used.

• We belong to the Earth Island Institute, an American environmental association that employs observers on board fishing vessels to monitor the species of fish caught; with this Institute we support the dolphin safe project thus guaranteeing that our tuna is fished with selective methods that exclude the capture of dolphins.