Laboratories were set up over 25 years ago in order to meet the health and safety requirements as well as quality control standards for products produced by private companies with their own brand. Today we have three biologists on our staff who are flanked by other professional technicians to meet all the quality control requirements, both analytical and of the entire production process, from the moment the raw materials arrive until the final product leaves the factory.
The main activity of the laboratories is the detection of histamine (carried out both for raw and finished product types) together with the control of humidity, salt and the pH of the finished product types. Thermostatic control of the temperature (37°C - 55 °C) is used to monitor the compliance of the production process. The final analyses on raw material and finished products are carried out by accredited independent external laboratories. Controls are also carried out on the olive oil, and quality checks of the product verify that standards have been met for each product. How the product looks, tastes or smells as well as the possible presence of parts extraneous to the specification is assessed in order to gather objective data on the quality which is perceived.