It all began in Sicily in 1933 when Nino Castiglione opened a small factory in the port of Trapani. Not before long the business was moved to a ‘tonnara’, an old tunny fishery, on the sea. At that time there were many of these ‘tonnare’ in the area: tunny fishing and processing were already a traditional part of the local culture.
The so-called ‘tonnaroti’, local tunny fishermen, spent their lives fishing the Mediterranean bluefin tuna. They would lower their nets using complex but eco-sustainable methods and adopting criteria that safeguarded small-size fish, thereby reducing the risk of by-catches of other species. It was here that the Castiglione family, thanks to their knowledge of traditions and their passion for the sea, began processing tuna fish. With great professionalism and untiring dedication they constantly improved and enlarged their business, adding to the original building - which was refurbished preserving the original core - new constructions, warehouses, modern refrigerating units, vanguard production plants and packaging lines, as well as state-of-the-art laboratories for quality control. Today the original ‘tonnara’ has become a world renowned factory which has combined modernity with tradition and technology with passion where, although operating at an industrial level, there is an awareness of the age-old methods which respect the sea and the traditions of fishing.