Tuna in olive oil

This product contains only selected yellowfin tuna which has been steamed in order to keep the nutritive value and the meat intact. Only the finest quality olive oil and sea salt from Trapani are added to the tuna. It has a typical pink colour and firm in texture meat with a delicate flavour. It is ideal for an exquisite but economical dish which is full of flavour but quick to prepare. Excellent as a sauce for pasta, it is ideal to liven up a fresh mixed salad.

Available in sizes
  • 80 gr.
  • 120 gr.
  • 160 gr.
  • 240 gr.
  • 3x80 gr.
  • 6x80 gr. Mega
  • 3x120 gr.
  • 2x160 gr.
  • 2x240 gr.
  • 620 gr.
  • 1900 gr.
  • 2400 gr.
  • 3950 gr.