Purse seine

Purse seine is the world’s most widespread tunny fishing technique (over 60%). In purse seining a school of fish is gradually encircled by a long wall of netting, hanging in the water and towed into a circle. Once the circle is complete, the net is drawn together like a draw-string bag, constraining the fish. The fish are then hauled aboard within the net and immediately scooped in freezing compartments. This system guarantees that the cold chain is maintained all the way through the value chain.

Purse seine with FAD

Purse seine nets can also be set on fish aggregating devices (FAD) such as buoys, rafts or any other floating objects attracting small size fish. The use of FAD increases unwanted by-catch of other species. It is a system which is mainly used for the capture of skipjack tuna which is a species we do not use for canning.

Pole and line

Fishermen chum with small size bait fish and spray the water, so as to simulate a school of fish swimming near the surface. In this feeding frenzy tuna snap at barbless hooks dangled in the water from the fishers’ rod and lines. This method is mainly used for fishing skipjack tuna. We support it only for fishing yellowfin tuna, a species which is bigger in size. This fishing technique has an important social impact as it brings about a higher rate of employment in local population.